Tried a Head-to-Head Contest Yet? Matchups Offered Daily

If you haven’t in a Head-to-Head matchup contest lately, be sure and give one a try.  $100 and $200 Head-to-Head matchups are offered daily, with more expensive games offered periodically.  Head-to-Head matchups are a great way to build up your bankroll for qualifying pursuits, or to stockpile site credit to purchase entries directly to eligible contests. (Didn’t know you can use credit to purchase entries to certain contests directly?  Click here to learn more).

Note that Head-to-Head games are accessible ONLY through the Head-to-Head tab found on the home page.  They do not appear in the ALL designation.  Head-to-Head contests are offered in both the REGULAR (live) and PICK & PRAY formats.

In keeping with our low takeout commitment, all Head-to-Head matchups feature gross hold of 10 percent or less, with takeout decreasing in more expensive contests.

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