First Qualifier to NHC Last Chance Contest Held This Sunday, Dec. 15

On Thursday, January 23, the NTRA and Treasure Island will host the NHC Last Chance Qualifier, which is the FINAL opportunity for players to qualify to the NHC, which begins the next day on Friday, January 24.

Players may earn the $500 entry to the NHC Last Chance Contest for a fraction of the cost at HorseTourneys.  The first qualifier is this Sunday, Dec. 15.

– Earn the $500 Entry to the Jan. 23 NHC Last Chance Contest
– $24/entry, one (1) $500 Last Chance Entry per 25 Entries Participating (PICK & PRAY Format)
– Players may earn up to FOUR (4) entries into the NHC Last Chance Qualifier

Qualifiers will run until approximately one week prior to the event.  Entry fees and qualifying parameters may vary.

If you have specific questions on the NHC Last Chance contest, get in touch with Michele Ravencraft at the NTRA at