2015 NHC Qualifiers Kick Off on Sunday, Feb. 16 – Important Info on 2015 Qualifiers

Qualifiers to the 2015 Daily Racing Form/NTRA National Handicapping Championship will return here at HorseTourneys on Sunday, Feb. 16, with the first main NHC Qualifier run that day.

Leading up to the first main qualifier, NEW this year, we will be adding two daily DIRECT feeders into each of our main NHC Qualifiers, whereby players have the chance to earn the full entry fee into the main NHC Qualifiers for a fraction of the full cost.

Entry fees for MAIN NHC qualifiers are set at $225 for 2014, with one full NHC package awarded per 45 entries. While alternative prices and ratios may be used periodically at times throughout the year, this is the main fee and ratio that will be utilized in most NHC Qualifiers.

Daily DIRECT Feeders will be held into main NHC Qualifiers. These Feeders will automatically award the entry into the designated NHC Qualifier, as opposed to awarding site credit for use in future contests. Note that site credit is still available in “Bankroll Builder” events daily as well.


1. $25 to win $225 entry directly into main NHC Qualifier, 1 entry per 10 entries participating

2. $84 to win $225 entry directly into main NHC Qualifier, 1 entry per 3 entries participating

Packages won through main NHC Qualifier events at HorseTourneys will include:
1. Seat to NHC ($7,250 seat cost)
2. 4-nights hotel at NHC venue
3. $500 Travel Reimbursement

NHC Tour / Tour Points:

Remember, one of the advantages of focusing at HorseTourneys for your NHC Qualifying pursuits is the lower ratio of players per NHC package awarded. This means that you will be playing against fewer players than through other venues, which results in increased chances to earn NHC Tour points throughout the year. Finishing in the top 150 in Tour points will earn you entry into the NHC should you not advance through a qualifier online or on-track.


HorseTourneys posts its NHC Schedule on a quarterly basis. The events through April include:

– Sunday, February 16 – LIVE Format
– Sunday, March 2 – PICK & PRAY Format
– Saturday, March 15 – ALL-OPTIONAL Format
– Sunday, April 6 – LIVE Format
– Saturday, April 19 – PICK & PRAY Format

More time between NHC Qualifiers = more chances to earn entries through lower-cost feeder events. For the most up-to-date schedule, always visit the Schedule Page.


We will rotate through the LIVE, PICK & PRAY and ALL-OPTIONAL formats throughout the year in main NHC Qualifiers, with the ALL-OPTIONAL format used approximately one per every four NHC Qualifiers. At this time, it is planned that ALL direct feeders into main NHC Qualifiers will run under the PICK & PRAY format. The rotation of formats in main NHC Qualifiers and direct feeders is subject to change.

Please let us know if you have any questions on the above information. Also, a reminder that NHC Tour membership fees must be renewed for 2014 BEFORE play in any main NHC Qualifiers. To sign up for the NHC Tour,click here.

We look forward to serving you throughout the upcoming qualifying year.