NEW Contest Type – IN THE MONEY – One (1) Point per correct WPS (“in the money” selection)

We’ve launched a new contest type at HorseTourneys – IN THE MONEY.

The format is as simple as it gets: pick one horse, and if that horse finishes in a paying Win/Place/Show position, you earn one (1) point.

Note that if the field size of any race is reduced to where only Win and Place or Win only are/is paid out through the pari-mutuel pools, only horses that receive those payouts will be considered “in the money” selections for the purposes of this contest and this contest format.

The player or players with the most number of correct selections will win or share the entire pool of contest credit, which will be equal to 90 percent of the total entry fees of the event.

EXAMPLE: There are 50 entries playing at $15 per entry. 90 percent of the total pool is $675. At the conclusion of the contest, three (3) players are tied for the most correct number of selections (points). Thus, the three players split the $675 pool equally, and receive $225 site credit each.

Sounds easy, right?  It isn’t!  We’ve analyzed past contests and the results are clear: this isn’t a favorite-picking bonanza.  In the vast majority of contest schedules, players will need a mix of varying price horses in order to be either the only winner or among a small group of winners that will split the prize pool.

This is an entertaining, stress-free way to play, with the potential to turn a small investment into a healthy bankroll-building score.

IN THE MONEY contests will be offered at $15/entry to begin with, with only one entry allowed per person.  Initial contests will be offered only in LIVE format (selections may be edited up until post time for each race), but PICK & PRAY versions may be offered soon, as well as contests with higher pricepoints.

Any feedback?  Send us your comments.