Important Notice Regarding Remaining NHC Qualifiers at HorseTourneys – Packages Capped

Player response to this year’s NHC Qualifiers at HorseTourneys has been so good, we’re running out of NHC spots! Contractually, HorseTourneys is only permitted to award a pre-determined number of seats to the NHC per year.

Therefore, for the remaining eight (8) NHC Qualifiers at HorseTourneys through November of this year, packages awarded will be capped per event. Most qualifiers will be capped at a maximum of three (3) NHC packages per event, or 195 maximum entries under the current $155/entry, 1 per 65 entries package parameters. But be sure to check the contest descriptions for the maximum packages awarded. Maximum entries allowed per person will also be decreased to a maximum of two (2) entries per event unless otherwise specified.

Due to this cap, and based on this year’s activity to date, entries will likely fill up fast in pre-qualifying feeder events held daily for $17 (1 $155 entry awarded per 10) and $43 (1 $155 entry per 4), so be sure to secure your entries in advance for these remaining NHC qualifiers.

Thank you for your continued participation at HorseTourneys.