MAJOR Announcement: Players may now withdraw from account balances – Real Money events begin immediately

Please read carefully the following:

1. Players may now withdraw from their account balances at HorseTourneys. Please make sure to review the policies/guidelines as listed on the Withdrawal page.

2. Real money/bankroll building events have been added to the contest lineup. ALL real money/bankroll building contests will currently carry MAXIMUM gross takeout of 10 percent. This is the lowest takeout available from any horse racing tournament website.

3. Players from the states of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Washington are prohibited from withdrawing funds from accounts due to state regulations; however, players from these states may continue to participate in all contests for the purposes of pursuing entries to on-site events through qualifiers at HorseTourneys (such as the NHC and HPWS).

4. ALL real money and bankroll building events will now have pre-determined prizes. Entries will NOT expand as they do for direct Feeder and Qualifier events depending on participation. Contests will run subject to the MINIMUM ENTRIES needed to run the event, which are listed to the right of the entries display and within individual contest descriptions.

5. In real money and bankroll building event, the MINIMUM ENTRIES required is equivalent to the prizes designated minus 10 percent (therefore, if a contest fills only to the minimum, HorseTourneys incurs a 10 percent loss on the event in addition to additional percentage points for fees associated with deposits). Because the minimums required to run a contest already represent a meaningful loss, the entry minimums MUST be adhered to for all events. It may take some time to determine the appropriate ranges of contests that activity on HorseTourneys will support. Therefore, we ask for your patience, as contests that don’t fill to minimums may be a common occurrence as we endeavor to determine appropriate levels and reduce cancellations as much as possible.

6. Entries for DIRECT Feeder and Qualifier events (such as the NHC and HPWS) will continue to be able to be expanded, with prize parameters determined by the number of entries participating in the contests.

7. Taxpayer information MUST be provided before withdrawals will be permitted for an account. See the Withdrawal page for details on how to provide taxpayer information. You do not need to wait to request a withdrawal to provide us your taxpayer information. A single 1099-MISC form will be filed with the IRS for any players with net withdrawals versus entry fees of more than $600 per year.