NEW Player-Friendly Feature – Copy Picks from One Entry to Another

  • Accessible through “Speed Picks”
  • Entries must have same race schedule

Players may now copy picks from one entry to another entry that is run under the same contest schedule (i.e., uses the same races). This is a useful, time-saving feature for players that play multiple entries in multiple contests. To access the copy feature, please follow the instructions below:

1. Make picks for one of your entries using either the standard or Speed Picks interface – the copy function will not be available until picks have been made for the entry you wish to copy FROM.

2. Access the “Speed Picks” function through the blue button on your entry you wish to copy FROM. The copy function is ONLY accessible through the Speed Picks interface (but you may still use the standard interface to make your selections):

3. Locate the “Copy these picks to entry” menu available beneath the contest title:

4. Choose the other entry you wish to copy picks from your existing entry TO. A list of your active entries using the same contest schedule will display in the drop down menu:

5. A confirmation dialogue box will appear to make sure that you indeed want to copy picks. Choose OK if you wish to do so:

6. Once you click OK, your picks will be copied to the other entry and a dialogue box will appear confirming the copied picks:

7. You can return to the “View/Make Picks” summary page to confirm that your entry has been successfully copied:


A few important notes to be aware of when copying picks:

(1) You MAY copy selections from an entry into another entry that already has selections made. If you do this, your copied picks will replace any picks that have already been made in the other entry – so be careful to ensure that you wish to copy before doing so.

(2) If you copy picks from an entry that contains NO SELECTION into another entry that already contains a pick for that particular race, the existing pick in the entry that you are copying TO will remain. This is intended to make sure that players are not accidentally stuck with NO SELECTION if an error has been made by the player.

(3) You MAY copy selections from entries that include races that have already closed. If you do this, picks will only copy for the races that are still OPEN (only relevant in the Live format).

While this feature has been extensively tested, if you experience any issues, please send us an email at with as much detail as possible about what you are experiencing.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and we look forward to introducing more player-friendly improvements down the road.