MY ACCOUNT Section Upgraded; Includes Transaction Detail, Balance Tracking

If you visit the “My Account” section (top right near account balance once logged in), you’ll notice some major improvements to that section, especially relating to your transaction history.  This new tracking is effective from October 16 onward.  An example of the new transaction history display is below:

Detail is now provided for all of the following: 
  • Deposits
  • Purchases
  • Withdrawals
  • User Cancellations (when player cancels an entry themselves)
  • Breakage Refunds
  • Prize Credits (winnings)
  • Balance Adjustments (those done manually by administrators)
  • Coupon Redemptions
  • Contest Cancellations (usually, when a contest does not fill to minimum entries)
  • Auto-Entries (when you win an entry into a future contest)
  • Declined Withdrawals (if your withdrawal was declined for any reason)
You may filter by transaction type using the drop-down menu on the upper right of the transaction section.  This will be helpful for players especially around tax season if total amount of purchases or deposits is desired:
You may also change details of your account profile (note that email change requests are sent to us via email and must be changed by HorseTourneys administrators).
We hope you find these new features useful; please contact us with any questions.