Huge January Promotion – 5 PERCENT REBATE on Entry Fees Jan. 6 thru Jan. 31


We’re announcing an unprecedented promotion in online handicapping contests. From today, Tuesday, January 6, through Saturday, January 31, all players will receive a 5 percent rebate on ALL entry fees played on contests during this time period.

Promotion Details:

-Players will receive a 5 percent rebate on entry fees played on any contests at HorseTourneys that run from Jan. 6 thru Jan. 31 (Example: Player plays $100 in entry fees; receives $5 in cash back to account)

-The rebate will be applied back to player accounts daily, overnight (before 8:00 a.m. ET the following morning) and will represent 5 percent of all entry fees played combined the previous day. The credited will appear as “Promotional Credit” in your My Account transaction statement

-Rebate only applies to contests that are played through to completion (any cancelled entries, either user-enacted or due to not reaching contest minimums, are not eligible for rebate)

-Rebate only applies to contests that RUN between January 6 and January 31

-Rebate only applies to paid entries and does not apply to auto-entries won into future contests through feeder events (Example: if player wins $155 entry to an NHC qualifier through a $17 feeder, the rebate is not applied on the $155 entry, only on the $17 feeder)

Any questions on this promotion, please direct to them to us through the Customer Support form or email us directly at