NEW! SURVIVOR Format – Win/Place/Show Elimination

We’ve re-tooled the existing “In the Money” format to the more typical elimination-style SURVIVOR format that players are accustomed to.

In the SURVIVOR format, players receive one (1) point per correct Win, Place or Show selection in contest races (regardless of finishing position). Once a player misses on a selection, that entry is eliminated from contention. The player(s) with the most number of correct CONSECUTIVE selections will be win or share the designated prizes. Please note that currently, ALL Survivor contests will be run under the PICK & PRAY format.

Please pay special attention to important points regarding the SURVIVOR format:

(1) Points are awarded for each correct selection in CONSECUTIVE races (in chronological order according to the contest schedule). Because races can sometimes run and be scored out of chronological order, it is important to note that points may be awarded and displayed on the leaderboard for races that finish out of consecutive order (for instance, if the 5th race is scored before the 4th race). Ultimately, prizes are awarded based on the number of successful CONSECUTIVE selections, and the scoring system will update accordingly once all consecutive races have been scored.

(2) If the field size of any race is reduced to where only Win and Place or Win only is paid out through the pari-mutuel pools, only horses that receive those payouts will be considered “in the money” selections for the purposes of this contest and this contest format.