LIVE Featured & SA Contests Rescheduled or Refunded – Sunday, March 6

As most of you are well aware, we experienced a temporary problem with the site upon closing of the free NHC Tour contest. While this was a solvable issue, it took at least 20-25 minutes for us to make the necessary changes to restore full service.

As a result, many players were unable to make several selections in LIVE tournaments for either the Featured or Santa Anita schedules for today. Due to this, our only recourse is to reschedule the main qualifier events and to refund any cash tournaments run under the LIVE format on both the Featured and Santa Anita schedules.

Players that were involved in QUALIFIER events today (i.e., KDBC, HPWS, Del Mar, Hawthorne, Big One, etc.) have had those entries advanced to next weekend’s events, which will be modified to run under the LIVE format to match up with this week. Players in LIVE cash events have had those entry fees refunded.

Players who wish to cancel their QUALIFIER entries for next weekend may do so free of charge and receive the value of the entry fee back to their accounts. This may be done by cancelling in the “Buy Entries” page. Please email us at for a refund of the cancel fee.

No one is more disappointed than us today. Of course, we understand how valuable your time is. This is the first major technical incident we’ve experienced in almost six years of operating, and the first requiring refunds or rescheduling. Please accept my apologies on behalf of our entire team. We will do whatever possible to make sure that you are not inconvenienced in this manner again.


McKay Smith