Electronic Checks (e-Check) Now Available for Deposit


Players may now deposit at HorseTourneys via electronic check (e-Check).  Through this process, players may draw directly from their checking accounts.  The system will generate an electronic check that acts exactly the same way as a physical check written by a customer.

E-checks are a great option for players, as they negate any possibility of international transactions fees related to credit card processing.

To deposit via e-Check, follow the below instructions from the Deposit page:

  1. Enter the amount you wish to deposit via e-Check. The minimum amount is $25.
  2. Select “Bank Transfer/e-Check” from the payment options drop-down menu
  3. Enter the ROUTING NUMBER (usually nine digits) and ACCOUNT NUMBER (up to 17 digits) of the checking account you wish to draw funds from.  Please make sure this information is completely accurate.  Select “Save Account Details” to save the routing/account details in your browser  (note that this does NOT “store” your account information at HorseTourneys)
  4. Continue and confirm your transaction












If this is your FIRST e-Check deposit with the account information provided, it will take up to one (1) business day for the deposit to be confirmed and for the deposit to be posted to your HorseTourneys account.  Note that if the initial deposit is made on a FRIDAY after 4:30 p.m. ET, the funds will not be confirmed until MONDAY.  A deposit receipt is sent to your email address once the deposit has been posted to your account.

Once your initial transaction with the account details is confirmed, subsequent deposits with the same account details will be automatically credited to your account.  If you enter account information from a new bank account, the new account must again be confirmed (one business day) before the deposit will be posted.

Saved bank account information will be stored in your browser as a cookie and will automatically populate upon your next e-Check deposit request.  If you clear your cookies/temporary internet files, you will need to enter the routing and account number details again.  We advise that you keep your bank account information handy in the event that this information needs to be re-entered.

e-Checks will appear in your bank statement as a physical check made out to BET TWICE CONSULTING, LLC, the parent company of HorseTourneys.  Checks should post to your account 3-5 business days following your transaction.

Please email us at with any questions.