$25,000 Guaranteed Tourney with All-Optional Format set for July 10

25K Cash All Optional

Make plans now to play in HorseTourneys’ big $25,000 guaranteed tournament on Sunday, July 10. You can buy-in on the big day for $260…or you can play in our daily feeders and earn your way in for as little as $29.

First place will be good for $12,500 with winners paid down to 8th place. And as you can always expect at HorseTourneys, takeout is an industry-low 10%. You won’t find a better deal anywhere.

This tourney will utilize the popular “All-Optional” live format whereby players select their 10 contest plays from among 20 eligible races.

Hate races that you think will come back chalky? Detest those occasional skullbusters where the more you study them, the more confused you become? No problem. Just skip ’em and move on to races you like better. Or you can simply opt to save your “bullets” for the tail end of the competition when you might have a better idea of what score it will take to win.

See you on July 10!