Guaranteed $25,000 Tourney Plus Saratoga, Wynn Blowout Qualifiers Headline Weekend Action



25K July 10 at 1.59.38 PM

There is no more player-friendly tournament site for cash-game players than HorseTourneys. On Sunday, July 10 we’ll be hosting a big $25,000 game, which carries just a 9.3% takeout. The $25,000 pot is guaranteed, so if entries fail to live up to our predictions, it’s our problem, not yours! Last weekend, we hosted a $7,500 tourney that ran with a 4.4% overlay to players.

The $25,000 guaranteed tournament will be contested using the popular “All-Optional” Live format. Players will make their contest plays from among 20 eligible contest races. So no one has to play a race he or she doesn’t care for. Or you can simply use the flexibility to your strategic advantage, if you see such an opportunity. It’s all in your hands. Entries cost $128 with the top finisher receiving $12,500, and we will pay down to 8th place. Or you can try to win a place in one of our $29 feeders, which are available several times each day leading in to Sunday.

Battle of SAR 0710

Another exciting competition on Sunday is the Battle of Saratoga qualifier — the first time a Saratoga qualifier has been available online. We’re running multiple feeders each day, which have been extremely popular — 39 have already won a place in our Sunday Spa qualifier heading into Thursday’s action. The feeders are just $28, or you can wait until Sunday and buy in for $128. We’ll be awarding a $1,000 seat to each day of the August 10-11 tournaments, plus a robust $750 in travel per every 25 Sunday entries. (We know that hotels can get a little pricey up in Saratoga Springs during the race meeting!) We’d like nothing more than to see HorseTourneys players win both days of the Battle, which will award NHC and BCBC seats along with its customarily generous cash prizes.

Wynn Blowout at 2.01.06 PM

And this week marks our initial feeders (just $26) for our special Wynn Blowout tourney on July 24. In the Wynn Blowout, you can win an entry-only seat to the $200,000 Wynn Handicapping Challenge in Las Vegas. We’ll be giving away one seat for every 10 entries on July 24, so there will be a high strike rate for those who participate. Direct entries for the Blowout cost $230 but, again, you can qualify for as little as $26 by playing one of many Wynn Blowout feeders. The Wynn Handicapping Challenge is always on any serious contest player’s short list of highly desirable competitions on the calendar.