Regarding Depositing at HorseTourneys

HorseTourneys uses an international processor to process credit and debit cards directly.  Please note that the business operations of HorseTourneys absolutely remain in the United States; only that the company that we are using to process credit card transactions is based outside of the country.  We use an international processor because domestic banks do not want to handle our business type, or will only handle deposits as cash advances, which involve onerous fees for you as a customer.

Because of this, players that deposit with either VISA or MASTERCARD credit or debit cards may incur international transaction fees on those deposits from their card issuer.  These fees typically range between 1% and 3% of the transaction amount (or $1 to $3 on every $100 deposited).  We encourage players to contact their card issuer if they are unsure of the international fee policy for their cards.  Not all credit card issuers charge international transaction fees.  Those fees will appear as a separate line item on your card statement.  Please note that these are fees from your card issuer; not from HorseTourneys.

Some issuers may automatically block foreign transactions, and players will experience declines when attempting to deposit via VISA or Mastercard.  If that is the reason for decline, players will need to contact their issuer to inquire about lifting this restriction, which most issuers will accommodate.

There are currently three ways that players can avoid international transaction fees depositing at HorseTourneys:

  1. Use PayPal.  Using PayPal (either your cards or direct from your bank account) will avoid any international processing, even if using your Visa or MasterCard through PayPal.
  2. Use American Express: all American Express cards are processed in the U.S.
  3. Use ACH Bank Transfer:  Transfer funds directly from your bank account. Bank Transfer is a separate option in the Deposit section.  Please note that players must have deposited $100 via other Deposit options before the ACH deposit option is available.

Please note that pre-paid debit cards may NOT be used directly, but most pre-paid debit cards will work if used through PayPal.  Make sure that the card is registered online before trying through PayPal.

Any questions should be directed toward HorseTourneys Support at