HorseTourneys Unites the Party this Weekend with $50,000 Guaranteed Game, Wynn Blowout; Qualifiers for The Big One, Indiana Grand, Spa, Monmouth and More…





If the opening of Saratoga isn’t enough to get you excited, then the big menu of contest action at HorseTourneys this weekend should put you over the top. Even Donald Trump and Ted Cruz can both endorse those ideas.

Saturday’s headliner is our $50,000 guaranteed tournament with just a 9.8% takeout. (Cutting taxes has always been a prominent plank in the HorseTourneys platform.) The $50K tourney, which carries a guaranteed top prize of $22,500, will be run as a Pick & Pray, so you can participate without necessarily having to sit by your computer on Saturday. We’re running direct feeders for just $55, plus a “Round 2” tourney on Friday (tomorrow) for which feeders are just $24.

Also on Saturday is a fun $2,000 guaranteed exacta box contest. Plus there will be direct, full-package qualifiers to Monmouth (8/13) and the Gold Coast (July 29-30). As always, our strategy here at HorseTourneys is to send smart and enthusiastic delegates to all of the major conventions around the country.

Sunday is another big day. Our gavel-to-gavel coverage includes two guaranteed packages to The BIG One (including $106 direct feeders leading up to Sunday); the Wynn Blowout — which will grant a Wynn entry to one of every 10 players; the first-ever qualifier to the August 20 Indiana Grand tourney (with each HorseTourneys qualifier receiving TWO entries); two-day packages to the highly popular Battle of Saratoga (8/10-11) and Hawthorne Summer tourney (8/13-14); as well as a $7,500 guaranteed cash contest with $3,750 to the winner. Here’s a look at this weekend’s top guaranteed tourneys:

0723 and 24 guaranteed at 11.32.46 AM

It’s all part of our mission to Make America Play Again. Good luck!