Guaranteed The BIG One, $12.5K, $7.5K Games Plus Orleans, HPWS, Del Mar and Keeneland Tourneys Highlight Big Final August Weekend

The final weekend of August promises to be a big one, both on-track and online, and HorseTourneys will be there every step of the way with exciting and valuable games (many of them guaranteed).

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Friday gets things started with a pair of fun, guaranteed cash games. One is for $5,000 with prizes down to fourth place and $2,500 to the winner. It’s a Pick & Pray (so no worries about being “caught” at work) with an entry fee of $185. The 10 contest races are Saratoga’s 7th through 11th, Monmouth’s 7th through 9th and Gulfstream’s 9th and 10th. The other Friday guaranteed cash tourney is a $1,000, Saratoga-only Pick & Pray on the Spa’s 4th through 11th races. It pays down to fourth place with the winner receiving $425. Don’t let either of these tourneys go off as overlay events without signing up. You’ll also see  a couple of interesting Friday feeders, including one that will qualify you for not one, but two lucrative cash games during the weekend. Now that’s killing two birds with one stone!

Saturday has four featured games led by a Guaranteed $12,500 cash tourney with $6,250 to the winner and payoffs down to sixth place. Entry for this is $195. If winning seats to Vegas tournaments is more your thing, we’ll have direct qualifiers on Saturday to both the Orleans Fall Classic and the 2017 Horse Player World Series (also held at The Orleans, of course). The Orleans Fall Classic game costs $97 with 1 in 15 winning a $500 entry plus $750 in travel. The HPWS event is an $87 entry-only affair with 1 in 20 entrants winning a $1,500 seat. Also on Saturday is a feeder to Sunday’s The Big One direct qualifier. You can get into this feeder for $106, and 1 in 5 will win a spot in Sunday’s $478 event. Here is an overview of Saturday’s featured tourneys.

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Sunday is topped by the aforementioned The BIG One qualifier with two seats guaranteed. Our two winners will receive entry plus hotel plus travel as well as the food and drink amenities always part and parcel of The BIG One at Laurel. There are also a pair of direct qualifiers to two other high-end, onsite tourneys. One of a $212 game with 1 in 25 winning a full package to the Del Mar Fall Classic (Nov. 12-13), including $4,000 entry and $500 travel. And we’re also proud to be hosting the year’s first qualifier to this year’s Keeneland NHC/BCBC Challenge. This game carries an entry fee of $160 with 1 in 25 participants receiving a $3,000 entry to the Oct. 16 tourney, along with $500 in travel. Cash game players also have some nice options on Sunday with a Guaranteed $7,500 game ($190 to enter) with $3,750 to the victor and prizes down to fifth place. And there is also another of our popular (three-horse) exacta box tourneys. It has a guaranteed pot of $1,500 with $600 allocated to the first-place finisher and payments to fifth. Entry fee here is just $54. Here’s a look, at-a-glance, at our top Sunday action.

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Whether you’re after tournament seats or cash (or both), you’ll want to drop by HorseTourneys this weekend and be a part of the competition. Good luck in all of your tournament and parimutuel play!