Sunday 3-Seat-Minimum NHC Qualifier Highlights Jam-Packed Labor Day Weekend

If you’re a contest player and find yourself bored this weekend, it’s your own fault.

It’s almost as though we have two weekends worth of action crammed into one here at HorseTourneys. Things start to get rolling in earnest on Friday with a Guaranteed $5,000 Pick & Pray tourney for $185 that pays down to fourth place with $2,500 up top for the winner.

Saturday checks in with three big tourneys, a couple of medium-size games, plus one little one that we think is kind of nice.

0903 preview

We’ll have a $12,500 Guaranteed game that day with a $195 entry fee and $6,250 to the victor. It pays down to sixth position and is also a Pick & Pray, as are the majority of our games this weekend. There will also be one of our popular $1,500 Guaranteed exacta box games for just $54. This one is a live event that pays down to fifth with the winner receiving $600. There is also an entry-only Horse Player World Series direct qualifier Pick & Pray for $87 with one out of 20 punching a ticket to the Orleans. There’s an $850 Guaranteed Pick & Pray plus a fun, Guaranteed $250 Survivor (hit the board or die!) game. Last but not least, if any of you out there are rookies, we have a free tournament on Saturday for those whose accounts are 30-days-old or younger. You won’t get rich off this one. The prize pot is $25. But it’s a great way to get a feel for the rhythms of tournament play, learn the functionality of the site and just have some fun with zero risk. Check it out!

0904 preview

Our marquee event on Sunday, of course, is our NHC direct qualifier, which carries an entry fee of $160. We will be awarding a minimum of three NHC packages guaranteed. If participation in this live-format tourney pokes up over the 280 mark, we will toss in a fourth package to the prize pool. We’ll also be offering packages, one for every 15 entries, to next month’s Orleans Fall Classic. Entry to this Pick & Pray event is $97. Winners get a $500 Orleans entry plus $750 in travel. Cash game players haven’t been forgotten on Sunday. We’ll be hosting a $7,500 Guaranteed game with $3,750 to first and payments down to fifth. Entry is $190. Night owls will enjoy our $1,000 Los Alamitos Quarter Horse Guaranteed event. Last but not least, we’ll be running a $106 feeder to Labor Day’s The BIG One direct qualifier where it would cost you $478 to play. We’re down to less than two handfuls of online spots left for the Sept. 24-25 event at Laurel. So if you’re thinking BIG, there is no time to waste.

On Labor Day, our action — along with perhaps your barbecue grill — heats up further.

0905 preview

Closing day at Saratoga will undoubtedly be a prominent part of our aforementioned The BIG One direct qualifier. Entry is $478 and we will be awarding two packages (including hotel AND travel) no matter how many enter. We also have direct qualifying packages on tap for two more high-end, live-bankroll contests: the Oct. 16 Keeneland NHC/BCBC Challenge (our winners get a $3,000 entry plus $500 in travel…one per 25 entries) and the Nov. 12-13 Del Mar Fall Classic ($4,000 entry plus $500 travel, also one package per 25 players). For cash game specialists, there’s a $5,000 Guaranteed game ($185 to play) that pays to fourth with $2,500 to the winner. And also an important Round 2 feeder to our big $50,000 Guaranteed game on Sept. 10. One of every five entrants will advance to next week’s grand, $50K finale. Then to round things out on what sadly is the last major Monday national holiday of the year, we’re tossing in a second Horse Player World Series entry-only qualifier of the weekend. Like Saturday’s event, this one will cost $87 to play and offer one HPWS entry per each 20 entries.

May your labor be minimal this weekend and your tourney luck plentiful. From all of us at HorseTourneys, please enjoy a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.