Saturday’s $50,000 Guaranteed Tourney is the Headliner on Another Busy Weekend of Action

Things may feel a bit different this week with Saratoga and Del Mar over and the kids all back to school. But it is business as usual this weekend at HorseTourneys with 10 lucrative and fun featured games on Saturday and Sunday that will help us forget that the excitement of summer ever ended.

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Our marquee tourney on Saturday is our big $50,000 guaranteed game. It has $22,500 up top for the winner and will pay down to 12th place. Entry is $495 and, as a guaranteed game, it will pay out in full regardless of how many entries we get. Overlay watchers will want to keep a sharp eye out for this one. As of this writing (Friday evening), it looks like it will be a positive expectation event for contest players.

Note that this tourney – and all our “featured” tourneys on Saturday – will have a robust slate of 14 contest races: Belmont’s 7th through 10th, Arlington’s 6th through 8th, Laurel’s 9th and 10th; and Kentucky Downs’s 6th through 10th.

We are also running direct qualifiers for three important brick-and-mortar events. Of particular note is a one-time-only qualifier for the September 17 Woodbine Mile Tourney. One full package ($3,500 Canadian entry fee/live bankroll + $750 travel) will be awarded per every 25 entries. Also on tap Saturday is a full package ($500 entry + $750 travel) qualifier to next month’s Orleans Fall Classic (one package handed out per each 15 entries) and, speaking of The Orleans, we’ll also be hosting an entry-only qualifier for the 2017 Horse Player World Series. HorseTourneys entry fees are $160 for Woodbine, $97 for the Orleans Fall Classic and $87 for the Horse Player World Series qualifier.

Last but not least on Saturday is a Round 2 feeder for Sunday’s The BIG One direct qualifier. Only four online seats remain available for the Sept. 24-25 The BIG One, so play this week and next week or forever hold your peace (until next year, at least). Our Saturday qualifier (note that this one will utilize the Pick & Pray format) is $106, with one of every five players advancing on to Sunday’s qualifier where seats will cost $478 each.

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Sunday is topped by the aforementioned The BIG One direct qualifier. Two full packages (including hotel, welcome dinner and travel) are guaranteed to be awarded regardless of participation count. We’ll be backing this exciting qualifier up with qualifiers to two other high-end tourneys – the Del Mar Fall Classic (Nov. 12-13) and the Keeneland NHC/BCBC Challenge. The Del Mar Fall Classic tourney awards a $4,000-entry-plus-$500-travel prize per every 25 players. Entry fee is $212. The Keeneland entry fee is $160 and will offer one package ($3,000 entry plus $500 travel) per every 25 participants.

Cash game players will likely be interested in our $7,500 Guaranteed tourney, which costs $190, pays down to fifth place and has a first prize of $3,750…and also our $1,500 Guaranteed exacta box tourney which, for an entry of just $54, allows you to pick a three-horse exacta box in each race with the winner based on the highest aggregate $1 exacta payoffs from the contest races. The exacta box tourney (these are always a lot of fun) pays down to fifth and has $600 for the winner.

Contest races for our featured tourneys on Sunday are: Belmont’s 6th through 9th, Woodbine’s 6th through 8th and Kentucky Downs’s 5th through 9th (12 races in all).

These are just the highlights of the upcoming weekend. Check our complete menu of contests each day for the full array of offerings (including lots of fun Kentucky Downs tourneys this weekend). You are sure to find something that suits your preferred format and budget.

May you have a fun and profitable weekend at HorseTourneys. Good luck!