Saturday NHC Qualifier with Three Seats Guaranteed Highlights First October Weekend

It’s almost time to flip another page on the wall calendar. But before we do, don’t forget to play our Guaranteed $5,000 tourney on Friday, September 30.  The competition pays down to 4th place with $2,500 to the winner and full prizes will be played no matter how many (or few) show up. It’s a Pick & Pray game with an entry fee of $185. Contest races will be Belmont’s 6th through 9th; Churchill’s 9th and 10th; and Santa Anita’s 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th.

NHC promo 1001

What better way to ring in October on Saturday than with a big, 3-seat-guaranteed NHC qualifier for $160 (two entries maximum per person). If we get 280 entries, we’ll toss in a fourth NHC package. This is one of the few games this weekend that will utilize a live format. Contest races for this and our other featured tourneys on Saturday are Belmont’s 6th through 10th; Santa Anita’s 4th through 8th and Churchill’s 7th and 10th (12 races in all).

The weekend’s richest event also takes place on Saturday — it’s our $12,500 Guaranteed game, which you many enter for $195. The winner gets $6,250 and prizes are paid (guaranteed) down to 6th place.

Saturday also has a full package qualifier to next month’s Orleans Fall Classic (one package per 15 entries) for $97 and an entry-only qualifier (one per 20) to the 2017 Horse Player World Series for an entry fee of $87. Here’s a look at some of Saturday’s best games:

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Sunday has five tourneys vying for top billing. We’ll start with our qualifier to the November 26 Twin Spires Online Championship. (We just started these last weekend and think they’re great.) We’ll be awarding one $750 package ($500 entry + $250 cash) for every 15 players, with entries costing just $58. The Twin Spires Online Championship offers cash along with 20 NHC seats and 30 HPWS entries.

Also on Sunday are direct qualifiers to the Del Mar Fall Classic ($4,500 value; $212 entry fee, one winner per 25) and the Keeneland NHC/BCBC Challenge ($3,500 value, $160 entry fee, one winner per 25).

Cash game players will like our $7,500 Guaranteed game and our $1,500 Guaranteed Exacta Box game. Both contests pay down to 5th with top prizes of $3,750 in our $7,500 game ($190 entry fee) and $600 in our Exacta game ($54 entry). Here’s a snapshot of our featured Sunday schedule:

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For those who missed the news last week, our exacta box games now include our popular “Speed Picks” selection feature. So entering selections for Exacta games are now every bit as quick and easy as with our other more traditional win/place tourneys.

Enjoy the football, the conclusion to the pennant races and, of course, all of our games this weekend at HorseTourneys.  Good luck!