Speed Picks, Copy Function Now Available for Exacta Box Contests

Making selections in EXACTA BOX tourneys just got a whole lot quicker and easier.

SPEED PICKS and the COPY function are now available for EXACTA BOX tournaments. Speed Picks may be accessed through the link on the VIEW/MAKE Picks page, in conjunction with your Exacta Box entry:


Once in the SPEED PICKS interface, you may make the three-horse Primary selections per race, and also designate an ALTERNATE per each of your three horse selections.  The color codes per the key found at the bottom of the page will provide visual cues for when your selections have been made:


Make sure to SAVE your selections through the Save button on the bottom right of the Speed Picks interface.

If you have multiple entries in an Exacta Box tourney, or multiple entries across tournaments that use the same race schedule, you may also COPY your selections from one entry to another.  The COPY function is found within the Speed Picks interface and is simple to use.  From the entry you wish to copy FROM, choose the entry you wish to copy TO from the drop down menu:


Note that these two functions are available only in the Desktop (Full Site) version of HorseTourneys and are not included in the mobile version.

Email us with any questions on utilizing these new features.  Good luck!