Why We Offer Free Tourneys

Someone gleefully commented to me last month that she had won an NHC seat at HorseTourneys for just $18 by winning a feeder, then winning the direct qualifier that followed. This week you don’t even need the 18 bucks. If you have played at least $1,000 lifetime at HorseTourneys, you can win an NHC seat for free by finishing in the top 8 of tonight’s free contest…

Weds Free 1005

and then by advancing in our Thursday feeder…

Thurs BEL NHC feeder

and then by scoring in the top two of Saturday’s NHC qualifier.

NHC Sat 2x qualifier 1008

Not easy…but certainly doable.

Why do we offer free contests so often at HorseTourneys? The answer is four-fold. I remember the reasons through an acronym: IRRI

1. Introduce. This is the most obvious of the reasons. Someone new to horse racing contests, or new to HorseTourneys, should be able to dip his or her toe into the water without financial risk. This Saturday, we are running a fun little contest for new players whose accounts are less than 30 days old.

Sat free 1008

We think people who try us will like us…and will want to continue playing at some level, however big or small.

2. Reward. We try to say “thank you” to our more established players in any number of ways — rebate tourneys, guaranteed tourneys that turn out to be overlays for the player, fast and friendly customer service and, yes, occasional free contests like this evening’s. We always want our players to know that we appreciate their business.

3. Re-energize. Occasionally players will open accounts, play a bit, then drift away to some degree for whatever reason. Free contests are an opportunity for us to welcome these players back and re-aquaint them with what appealed to them in the first place.

4. Inform. I supposes this one could be listed as #3A, but by welcoming people back onto our site, it helps expose some of our infrequent players to the various improvements and new features that we strive to provide on a regular basis. These include new on-site tournaments for which you can win a seat at HorseTourneys, our fun exacta box tourneys, our Speed Picks and Pro Picks options (recently added to our exacta box games in addition to our other tourneys), and also our ever-growing list of single-track contests which are of particular appeal to those who prefer to focus on one card during a competition. (During Friday’s opening day at Keeneland, we’ll be offering no fewer than 25 tourneys that solely use Keeneland races.)

Everything we do at HorseTourneys is geared to the value-minded player who’s interested in a good, fair deal. And when it comes to value, we believe that it’s hard to beat “free”.