First Qualifier for NHC/TI Last Chance Slated for Sunday

It’s incredible how robust the week in, week out tournament schedule has become. For every brick-and-mortar grand finale that takes place, another one seems to emerge on the horizon. And with it comes opportunities to qualify online, of course.

This weekend’s “new” addition to the qualifier rotation in the NHC “Last Chance” tournament to be held on NHC eve, Thursday, January 26, at Treasure Island. Our first of several qualifiers for that event will be held this Sunday. But before we take a look forward to the weekend ahead, let’s take a quick look back to yesterday.


Congratulations to Joe Petoskey who, with four wins and no places, captured the $1,000 first-place prize in our newly enhanced $2,500 Guaranteed game on Wednesday nights. The event was a sell out – which means you can certainly anticipate this tourney as a regular fixture on humpdays going forward.

Enough about humpdays. Our TGIF feature this weekend is our $5,000 Guaranteed game with $2,500 to the winner and prizes down to fourth. Entry is $185. Contest races will be the 6th through 8th at Aqueduct; the 1st through 4th at Del Mar; the 7th and 8th at Tampa; and the 6th and 8th at Woodbine – 11 races in all.


We also have some nice feeders on Friday, including a couple (one on Aqueduct races 2-9 and one on Del Mar races 1-8) that will get you into both our $12,500 Guaranteed tourney on Saturday AND our $7,500 Guaranteed game on Sunday. One in 10 will win and so for just $43, you can win yourself some big money action for the entire weekend. (Similar feeders are available on Thursday as well.)


Our two marquee games on Saturday are our aforementioned $12,500 Guaranteed event ($195 entry fee, $6,250 to the winner with payments to sixth place) and our Horse Player World Series Full-Package tourney. The HPWS game offers a $1,500 entry to the HPWS plus four nights at The Orleans and $500 travel on top of that. Entry is $116 with one per each 25 entries emerging victorious. Contest races for these events are Gulfstream’s 7th through 11th; Aqueduct’s 7th and 8th; Del Mar’s 5th through 7th; and Tampa’s 7th and 9th (12 races in all).

Also note, though, that Saturday is opening day at Gulfstream, which means it’s Claiming Crown Day, which annually means plenty of wide-open, juicy betting races with horses shipping from all over. As a result, we will offer a wide array of tourneys Saturday that focus solely on the 3rd through 11th races on the Gulfstream card.

On to Sunday:


On Sunday, our headliner is that “first chance at the last chance” – The NHC Last Chance tournament the day before the start of the NHC at Treasure Island. Entry to this direct qualifier is just $58 with one in 10 winning. If you have one NHC entry, you’re going to be in Vegas anyway, and would like to shoot for a second entry, this is a great opportunity. And if you win this qualifier and later win a second (or a first) NHC entry and wish to receive $500 in site credit rather than the Last Chance entry, we will let you do that! If that’s the case, just be sure to  let us know before January 21. That is our deadline for sending our list of competitors on to Treasure Island.

We’ll also have two nice direct qualifiers on tap Sunday. One is for the Surfside tourneys on Dec. 30- Jan. 1. Entries here cost $98 with one in 20 winning $1,180 in entry fees (enough for all three days) plus $500 travel. The other is our entry-only Horse Player World Series qualifier with one in 20 (at $87/entry) winning a $1,500 entry to the 2017 HPWS.

For cash game specialists, there’s our $7,500 Guaranteed game on Sunday with $3,750 up top and payments down to 5th. Entry is $190 if you haven’t qualified via feeder before then. And, of course, we’ll be hosting our $1,500 Guaranteed Exacta Box tournament for $54 ($600 to the winner). One good hit in this affair can win you the whole kit and kaboodle right then and there. (That’s what happened last Sunday.)

There’s plenty of shopping days left before Christmas. So put that unimportant stuff off until later and spend the weekend with us, having fun right here at HorseTourneys!