This Wednesday, We’re Erring on the Side of Warmth

Recently, we began offering an enhanced Wednesday late afternoon/evening (depending on your time zone) schedule, including a $2,500 Guaranteed tourney. These have been well received thus far, but this week we have a bit of a problem – the weather.

A cold snap is expected to move its way through the Midwest and into the East on Wednesday and, frankly, we’re not too confident that the evening race cards at places like Turfway Park and Penn National will be conducted as scheduled.

Aborted tourneys are no fun – for you or for us – so we have decided to focus our featured Wednesday tourneys this week on the warmer climes of Florida and Arizona – Tampa, Gulfstream and Turf Paradise, to be more specific.


So our nine featured races on Wednesday will be the 7th through 9th at Tampa, the 7th through 10th at Gulfstream and the 7th and 8th from Turf Paradise. As a result, closing time for entries will be quite a bit earlier than last Wednesday: 3:19 pm ET. Our featured Wednesday offerings are the aforementioned $2,500 Guaranteed tourney (live format), a $500 Guaranteed Pick & Pray, a Round 1 feeder for our Dec. 31 $50,000 game, and a free credit contest for those who have played at least $500 lifetime at HorseTourneys.

We wanted to update you on this schedule shift in time for you to properly plan your Wednesday. All of us at HorseTourneys appreciate your understanding.