Last Chance to Qualify for Surfside Among This Weekend’s Highlights

Your last chance to qualify for the December 30-January 1 Surfside Tournaments is this Sunday. For a $98 entry fee, one winner in 20 will receive Surfside entry fees for all three days ($1,180 value) plus $500 for travel. That’s just one of many exciting tourneys on tap for this weekend. Let’s start with Friday.


We will again host a $5,000 Guaranteed game with $2,500 to the winner and prizes down to fourth. Entry is $185. Contest races will be the 7th through 9th at Tampa; the 7th through 10th at Gulfstream; and the 7th through 9th at Laurel – nine races in all. (Unfortunately, we need to stay away from Aqueduct for a couple of days due to potentially dicey weather in the Northeast.)

Also scheduled for Friday, once again by popular demand, is our Treasure Island NHC Last Chance qualifier. Your response to these tourneys (held twice a week now on Fridays and Sundays) has been very strong. The entry fee remains at $58 and one in 10 wins a $500 entry to the NHC eve contest in Las Vegas. And if you wind up qualifying for the NHC subsequent to this qualifier but before the Last Chance event, you can receive $500 site credit in place of the entry, as long as you let us know by January 21.

On to Saturday:


Our richest tourney on Saturday is a $12,500 Guaranteed event in which we will pay full prizes down to 6th place, including $6,250 to the winner, no matter how many sign up. Entry is $195 and contest races are the 7th through 10th at Gulfstream; the 5th through the 9th at Fair Grounds; and the 7th through 9th at Tampa – 12 races all together.

Saturday will also bring us another Horse Player World Series Full-Package tourney. The HPWS game offers a $1,500 entry to the HPWS plus four nights at The Orleans and another $500 for your travel. Entry is $116 with one per each 25 entries emerging victorious. Contest races are the same as for our $25,000 tourney.

We also made a nice tweak to our Saturday menu. Our Saturday night $1,000 Guaranteed game (newly introduced last week) has now been bumped up to $1,500 Guaranteed. The entry fee is $69 with prizes down to 3rd place and $750 to the winner.

Happily, we’re hosting another free feeder this Saturday night (again restricted to those who have played $1,000+ lifetime on our site) with the top 2 winning their way into our Sunday $58 NHC Last Chance qualifier. Entries are again capped at 400. Contest races are TBD for these two Saturday night events.

Looking ahead to Sunday:


As alluded to earlier, we will also host another NHC Last Chance tournament for $58 with one in 10 winning. And, of course, there’s our “last chance” Surfside qualifier that we mentioned at the top.

We’ll also have a direct, entry-only Horse Player World Series qualifier with one in 20 (at $87 each) winning a $1,500 entry to the 2017 HPWS.

For cash game specialists, there’s our $7,500 Guaranteed game on Sunday with $3,750 to the winner and payments down to 5th. Entry is $190 if you haven’t qualified via feeder before then. And there is our first “Round 2” feeder that can get you a spot in our $50,000 Guaranteed tournament on December 31. Here are the details on that special feeder:


And, last but not least, we’ll be hosting our $1,500 Guaranteed Exacta Box tournament for $54 ($600 up top). Recent history has shown that all it takes to win these Exacta Box tourneys is one good race!

This may be the last full shopping weekend before Christmas. But keep in mind that the malls and stores tend to stay open very late at this time of year. That means that there’s plenty of time to do your shopping NEXT week! This weekend, stay right here at HorseTourneys. Win or lose, we promise you’ll have more fun with us.

And, regardless of your shopping progress, keep an eye out next week for our initial feeders leading to qualifiers for Del Mar July and the 2017 The BIG One.  Good luck!