Qualifier for The BIG One, $15,000 Game, Last Chance at the Last Chance Highlight Inauguration Weekend

Whenever you hear “Hail to the Chief” this weekend, just think “HorseTourneys”. Because when it comes to fun and big-money contests and qualifiers, we like to think we are the Chief Executive. It should come as no surprise that we’ll be in action all weekend long. Bigly. We are suspending our belief in separation of church and state this weekend, however. Most of our featured tournaments will be Pick & Prays.

HorseTourneys’s commitment to greater prosperity is evidenced by yet another increase to the prize pool of our Friday Guaranteed cash tourney.


This time the pot is $6,500, and we’re holding the line on taxes—the entry fee is still just $185. First prize is $3,000 with payments down to fourth. Contest races will be the 6th, 8th 9th and 10th at Gulfstream; the 6th through 9th at Oaklawn and the 8th and 10th at Tampa – 10 races in all.

Also scheduled for Friday, using the same races, is our next-to-last Treasure Island NHC Last Chance qualifier—which is also sort of a First Chance tournament because if you have qualified for the NHC twice, you can play for a seat in the 2018 NHC (plus the available cash.. For a $58 entry fee, one in 10 will win a $500 entry to the NHC eve (Jan. 26) contest in Las Vegas. At least five seats will be awarded and if there are 160 entries, a sixth will be tossed in. I’m guessing they’ll hit 160 because already 91 entries have been won to the Treasure Island event via HorseTourneys. Here’s a look at just some of your remaining options on Horse Tourneys for winning an entry to the Treasure Island First OR Last Chance Tournament:


We’ll also have another direct, entry-only Horse Player World Series qualifier on Friday with one in 20 (at $87 each) winning a $1,500 entry to the 2017 HPWS. Terence “TGIF” Cook has won three of the last four Friday HPWS qualifiers. Can he do it again or will he be unseated? Even if he does win once again, do not despair. We’ll be offering a Horse Player World Series qualifier each day this weekend.
On Saturday, our featured cash game has a special purse of $15,000 Guaranteed. It will pay full prizes down to 7th place, including $7,000 to the winner, regardless of how many swear in…err…sign up. Entry is $195.

Sharing the marquee on Saturday is our Last Chance at the First Chance/Last Chance. Yes, it’s your very last opportunity to win an entry to the Treasure Island NHC Last Chance qualifier on Thursday, January 26. You can do that right here…one last time on Saturday.

There is also another Saturday qualifier for the 2017 Wynn Handicapping Challenge, which will take place in Las Vegas on August 4-5. Winners (one in 20) receive a $2,000 seat to the prestigious Wynn event.

Saturday will also bring us another Horse Player World Series tourney—this one offering a full package of a $1,500 entry to the HPWS plus a four-night stay at The Orleans and another $500 for your transportation expenses. Entry is $116 with one per each 25 entries winning a package.

The weatherman cooperated and we had our Saturday Late cash game, offering a guaranteed prize pool of $2,000. Everything went well so we’re going to do it again. This game is capped at 32 players with the entry fee set at $69. And do note that, unlike most of the others mentioned here, this one will be run with a Live format. So I guess you could call this one a Saturday Night Live tourney. Here’s an at-a-glance look at our top Saturday games:


On Sunday, it’s our third qualifier for the 2017 edition of The BIG One! One all-inclusive package (entry, travel, hotel & more) is guaranteed to be awarded, and entries ($390 each) are capped at 35, with up to five $300 consolation prizes also available. The winner will join Joel Wincowski and Howard Welsh as The BIG One qualifiers thus far in 2017.

Good news for Sunday cash game fans, our customary $7,500 Guaranteed game has been enriched to $8,500 with $4,000 to the winner and cash prizes to 5th. Entry is $190 if you haven’t qualified via feeder before then. And, of course, we’ll be hosting our Sunday staple, the $1,500 Guaranteed Exacta Box tournament for $54 ($600 to the victor). It’s been nice to see how popular these featured exacta games are getting. Last Sunday, Travis Reese showed great versatility by winning both our featured, win-place format cash tourney and our Exacta game. It can be done! All that’s needed are some good opinions. Here’s a snapshot look at featured Sunday action:


Whether you prefer the pomp and ceremony of our more lucrative games or prefer to mix it up with the middle class in some of our smaller events or feeders, we hope you take the oath of action this weekend. In America, anyone can rise to the top. That’s what makes us great. God bless you. And God bless the United States of America…and HorseTourneys too.