Dates Set for $75,000, $100,000 Tourneys This Summer

Thanks in part to an outstanding response to our $75,000 Guaranteed cash game on Belmont Stakes Day, June 10, HorseTourneys will come back quickly with another $75,000 Guaranteed event on July 22—opening Saturday at both Saratoga and Del Mar—and HorseTourneys will follow that up with a $100,000 Guaranteed tourney on Travers Day, Saturday, August 26.

The $75,000 tourney on July 22 will be comprised largely, if not entirely, of races from Saratoga and Del Mar. The August 26 contest is expected to primarily use Saratoga races, while also sprinkling in races from other tracks. Both contests will likely be 12 or 13 races long.

HorseTourneys chose these dates because it believes that big days are particularly conducive to successful tournaments. Not just because more people are following the races on these days, but because focus is so intense that players tend to feel even more strongly than usual about their handicapping opinions—which makes contests an especially appealing option for a portion of their day’s play.

If you wish, you may sign up for these high-stakes summer tourneys right now. The $75,000 game carries an entry fee of $595 with $30,000 payable to the winner and prizes paid down to 12th place. The $100,000 event costs $695 to enter and has a top prize of $40,000. Prize money here will be paid to the top 14. And both contests are guaranteed to pay full prizes even if entries do not reach their maximum (140 on July 22 and 161 on August 26).

We realize, however, that many players appreciate the opportunity to win their way into big-money games through feeders. And so we will soon begin offering a full complement of low-cost Round 1 and Round 2 feeders to the $75,000 Guaranteed game. And we will do the same for the $100,000 game as that date draws closer. Check back at the HorseTourneys homepage for the latest updates.