Qualifiers for NHC, BCBC, The BIG One, Del Mar, Saratoga, Woodbine Accorded Top Billing Among 18 Featured Tourneys This Weekend

As most of us know, some of the most finely-conditioned athletes you’ll find anywhere are horse racing handicapping tournament competitors. Why slow down and risk the rust of inactivity when there are contest seats and cash to be won? So while the weak and flabby Major League Baseball players have been busy resting all week, we at HorseTourneys are coming back at you with another robust weekend schedule of 18 featured tourneys.

The Friday feature is the $7,500 Guaranteed Pick & Pray with $3,750 to the winner and payouts down to fifth place.

Entry is $190 with a limit of 44 entrants. Contest races are the 6th and 10th from Belmont, the 7th and 8th from Ellis Park; the 2nd through 4th from Arlington; and the 5th through 7th from Woodbine—10 races in all.

Another interesting Friday competition takes place over at HorsePlayers where, using the same races, there will be a 2-prize-guaranteed game offering partial $2,500 Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge entries for an entry fee of just $50.

And note that if you have already won a partial entry—or it you win one in the future—you may stack up all such partial entries towards a full $10,000 entry. Keep an eye on enrollment as this one could be a nicely overlaid affair!

On Saturday, the first of the weekend’s two NHC qualifiers will take place at HorsePlayers. It’s a live-format game with up to three seats offered and two guaranteed.

Entry fee is $165. Contest races are the 6th, 8th and 10th at Belmont; the 7th through 10th at Monmouth; the 8th and 10th from Woodbine; and the %th through 7th at Los Alamitos—12 races in all.

Here at HorseTourneys on Saturday we have our popular $15,000 Guaranteed game (a Pick & Pray this week) with $7,000 to the winner and payouts down to seventh place. Entry is $195 with a limit of 86 entrants. Contest races are the same as for the NHC qualifier at HorsePlayers.

There are also four featured qualifying events at HorseTourneys that could earn you a spot at the highly popular Saratoga Challenge; the Wynn Handicapping Challenge, the Monmouth NHC Super Qualifier on Travers Day or the Gold Coast Summer Classic. As per this weekend’s norm, all are Pick & Prays.

Here’s an at-a-glance look at the Saturday featured schedule at HorseTourneys:

And don’t forget about our $1,500 Guaranteed Saturday Night Live tourney. This week’s should be especially fun. It closes at 8:35 pm ET and features Lone Star, Evangeline and Charles Town.

On to Sunday.

And a busy Sunday it is, with nine featured events at HorseTourneys and another at HorsePlayers. The MLB Players’ Association undoubtedly wouldn’t approve of this, but we hope you do!

The Sunday highlight at HorsePlayers is a live-format BCBC qualifier for $179. This tourney is guaranteed to go, regardless of participation levels.


Among the nine big games at HorseTourneys are two Sunday fixtures: the $10,000 Guaranteed game (Pick & Pray this week) with $5,000 to the victor and prizes down to fifth place. And the Guaranteed Exacta game (live format as always). And we’re pleased to inform you that the guaranteed purse for the Exacta tourney has been increased for a third consecutive week. It is now worth a guaranteed $3,000 with the winner receiving $1,200. All you have to do is select a three-horse exacta box in each race and then hope that two of the three finish first and second.

There are also seven qualifiers to live events, including our first qualifier of 2017 to the Indiana Grand NHC qualifier on August 19, and the second of the weekend’s back-to-back Wynn entry-only qualifiers.

If you’re really into the high-end brick-and-mortar tourneys, your eye may be attracted to our guaranteed Del Mar Handicapping Challenge qualifier where the winner receives a $7,500 package and eligibility for a $10,000 HorseTourneys site credit bonus. If participation warrants (as it did last week), we may toss in a second package. And remember that all Del Mar feeder games have a 4% rebate provision built right in. You won’t find these offers anywhere else. Play for Del Mar at HorseTourneys in order to “get the best of it”.

More of an East Coast person? You could opt to play for one of our all–inclusive packages to the September 23-24 The BIG One at Laurel where you would be one of no more than 57 to compete for cash, along with eight full BCBC entries, 10 NHC seats and 10 Horseplayer World Series entries. The entry fee on Sunday for this is $550, and it will be a Pick & Pray.

More of a north-of-the-border type? There’s a live-format qualifier to the September 16 Woodbine Mile Handicapping Tournament. This event carries an entry fee of $148 and one entrant per 25 will receive an entry (worth $3,500 Canadian…the equivalent of about $2,700 U.S.) plus $500 for travel. The live-bankroll Woodbine Mile Handicapping Tournament is expected to offer $165,000 in cash and prizes, including two NHC seats and two BCBC seats.

For those whose sole focus is $800,000, fame and an Eclipse Award…not to worry, there is also an NHC Pick & Pray on Sunday with two seats guaranteed to the February 9-11 extravaganza and up to three on offer.

There’s also a qualifier for the no-fees Hawthorne Summer NHC Qualifier. Winners at HorseTourneys $800 in entry fees for the August 11-12 Chicagoland showdown.

Here’s a visual of the Sunday HorseTourneys featured schedule:

We hope you put yourself into the starting lineup for one or more of these big weekend games. Good luck…and Play Ball!