Lots of Special New Games This Week at HorseTourneys

It’s an exciting time in horse racing this week with both Del Mar (Wednesday) and Saratoga (Friday) kicking off their much-anticipated 2017 meetings. And it’s an equally exciting time this week here at HorseTourneys. There’s so much that’s new or special or both that we thought a quick overview would be in order.

A good chunk of this week’s new offerings directly relates to the Del Mar and Saratoga openings. On Wednesday, July 19, we will have no fewer than 40 Del Mar-only tourneys. There are too many to cite or display them all individually, but here is a look at some of the biggest.

We’ll have guaranteed cash games at both the $5,000 and $1,500 levels. (The $1,500 Guaranteed tourney costs just $12 to play!) And we’ll toss in a non-guaranteed $2,500 game and a $500 Exacta contest for those who like their porridge at a slightly different temperature. There will also be a slew of full-card, Del Mar-only games that serve as feeders for important weekend tourneys.

Two days later, Saratoga raises the curtain on its season, and we’ll be ready for you that day as well.

As with Del Mar’s lidlifter, we’ll be offering $5,000 and $1,500 Guaranteed Spa-only events as well as $2,500 win/place and $500 Exacta non-guaranteed affairs.

On Saturday, July 22, our wheelbarrow brings out some really big money—a $75,000 Guaranteed game with Saratoga and Del Mar races as its primary focus.

This event has a cool $30,000 to the winner with prizes all the way down to 12th place. And you can get into it via low-cost feeders all week long for as little as $29. Win this event and it’s a good bet to say you will have already locked up a profitable Saratoga/Del Mar season even before the completion of the first week.

Those who like to take their show on the road will want to be aware of two HorseTourneys Blowouts taking place on Sunday, July 23. Each lead to onsite tournaments in Las Vegas, and each offer a one in 10 ratio for success.

There’s our Gold Coast Summer Classic Blowout…

…for just $58 with one in 10 earning a $500 entry to the July 28-29 competition.

And if you are going to be playing in the Gold Coast Summer Classic, you will certainly want to stick around and take a cab to the Strip for the August 4-5 Wynn Handicapping Challenge. And that’s our other Sunday Blowout.

Again, one in 10 will advance in this one. Entry is $230 with winners receiving a $2,000 entry to one of the favorite stops on any tournament player’s annual itinerary.

Many HorseTourneys players have been competing for several weeks for Wynn and Gold Coast seats, but Sunday, July 23, also represents your first chance to win entry to two new tournaments that figure to be very popular.

For just $38, you can compete on Sunday for a $500 entry to The Bluegrass Tournament at Ellis Park, which will be held on August 20.

There’s a lot to like here. The event is capped at 150 players and $300 of each entry will be your live betting bankroll while $200 goes to the prize pool. There is an NHC seat at stake for the winner. And 100% of the prize pool will be returned to the players (the victor gets 40%) on top of the NHC seat. Players will compete from the Gardenia room where there will be a full lunch buffet. It certainly sounds like a very player-friendly event. The competition will focus primarily on that day’s Ellis Park card with the day’s Ellis Park Juvenile and Ellis Park Debutante serving as mandatory races. And unlike most other live tourney formats, daily double wagering will be available for contest play in addition to win, place and exactas.

If you really want to reach for the stars on Sunday, then you will certainly be interested in Sunday’s first qualifier to the January 26-27 Pegasus World Cup Betting Championship.

Headquartered at Gulfstream Park, this ultra high-end competition features a $12,000 buy-in and those who play onsite at Gulfstream are charged no entry fee. One interesting wrinkle is that players must wager at least $3,000 of their $12,000 live bankroll on Saturday’s featured Pegasus World Cup, the world’s richest race. A BCBC entry and five NHC seats will be up for grabs as well as a lot of cash. The Sunday HorseTourneys qualifier can be played for $480, with feeders available all week for as little as $24.

We’ll leave you with one last piece of new news—one that pertains to an old favorite…our Del Mar Handicapping Challenge qualifier.

This Sunday represents your last chance to earn a $7,500 package to the July 29-30 event. Play in one of our $40 feeders and you will receive a 4% rebate on your entry fee. Win a package at this guaranteed qualifier and you will also become eligible for a $10,000 HorseTourneys site credit bonus (payable over six months) should you finish first at Del Mar. If you try to qualify for Del Mar anywhere else, you are paying too much, and leaving potential future winnings on the table.

Whether your fancy is tickled by our $75,000 Guaranteed event on Saturday, our Pegasus World Cup Betting Championship qualifier on Sunday, or one of our $8 Del Mar games, we hope you will make HorseTourneys part of your Saratoga/Del Mar opening weekend fun. Good luck!