McCubbins wins $185,000 in the July 29 & 30 Del Mar Handicapping Challenge

(Courtesy of Del Mar Thoroughbred Club)

Faron McCubbins of Mt. Washington, KY, turned his $5,000 starting bankroll into $64,535 to coast home in the $300,000 Del Mar Challenge. First Place was worth $120,000+ in prizes including a $10,000 entry in the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge (BCBC) at Del Mar in November. Along with his $64,535 bankroll winnings, total prizes amounted to over $185,000. In addition, a win for McCubbins in the BCBC will be worth a $1 million bonus.

Garett Skiba from Hinsdale, IL, was the 2nd place finisher with a final bankroll of $40,593. He receives $60,000+ in prizes for earnings of more than $100,000.

Photo courtesy of Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

The top six finishers receive BCBC entries and the top eight finishers receive entries in the National Horseplayers Championship in February with an expected $2.5 million in total prize money.

HorseTourneys notes: McCubbins also won the live-bankroll Belmont Stakes Challenge last month! Congratulations to top-finishing HorseTourneys Del Mar qualifier John Doyle, who came in 8th and garnered an NHC seat in addition to his cash winnings. Next February at Treasure Island, Doyle will attempt to become the first-ever two-time winner of the NHC.