HorseTourneys Introduces New “Pool-Style” Tourneys

HorseTourneys is proud to introduce its latest contest innovation—“Pool-Style” cash tourneys.

While the format is new to HorseTourneys, it’s a very straight-forward concept that we think players will find quite simple to grasp.

The key thing to remember with Pool-Style tourneys is that the prize pool grows as each additional entry signs on. For example, at a given entry-fee level, an 18-entry contest will have a larger prize pool than a 17-entry contest. And you’ll never have to guess what that prize pool is because prize pools are updated in real time right on our home page.

You can also see the updated total prize pool on our contest page.

And if you click on the “Prizes” link right next to the “Current Pool” amount ($432.08 in this example)…

…you will see a complete, up-to-the-minute summary of the payout schedule—down to the penny!

What other advantages do Pool-Style games offer? One is that they really open up opportunities for those who prefer live-format cash games. These live-format games sometimes didn’t fill as easily as their Pick & Pray counterparts, but now—as long as we have at least three entries—we’re good to go!

So with Pool-Style tourneys, the frequency of cancellations should be greatly reduced. And they also create upside should a tourney attract a higher-than-usual number of entries. The more who play, the more we pay!

The flexibility of Pool-Style tournaments extends to their payout schedules. The number of places we pay out to increases on a graduated scale based on the number of entries. A 40-entry game would pay down to 4th place. A 220-entry game would offer payouts to 20th place. Winners never receive less than 40% of the total prize pool.

No need to memorize all of the various percentages. Here’s a look at the complete Pool-Style payout schedule:

There’s really nothing else to explain. The game-play experience is exactly like that of the win/place cash games you’ve been enjoying for years at HorseTourneys.

Pool-Style contests are now being offered up and down the home page at a variety of entry-fee levels. We hope you “dive in” and give them a try!