Last Chance Qualifier for Pegasus World Cup, Four NHC Qualifiers Highlight Busy Weekend

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Just 22 days remain until the NHC, and if that sounds close, it’s just eight days until the inaugural Pegasus World Cup Betting Championship. This weekend, HorseTourneys and HorsePlayers can help you get to both.

HorsePlayers offers the first of four NHC qualifiers this weekend on Friday.

0119 HP prev

It’s a “regular” NHC qualifier with an entry fee of $165 and one in 65 receiving a late ticket to Treasure Island for the biggest tournament of the year.

Here at HorseTourneys, we again offer our Friday staples: An up-to-$10,000 Pick & Pray with $6,000 Guaranteed; a Horse Player World Series entry-only qualifier; and a Treasure Island NHC Last Chance qualifier.

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All three events (plus the HorsePlayers NHC qualifier) are Pick & Prays and will use the 6th, 9th and 10th from Gulfstream; the 7th through 9th from Aqueduct and the 3rd through 6th at Santa Anita as contest races—10 all together.

On Saturday, HorseTourneys again hosts two games that have almost become “appointment contests” among online tournament players:

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One, of course, is our Saturday up-to-$30,000 cash game, which will be run in live-format mode this week. Regardless of participation, $20,000 will be guaranteed. Entries are, as per usual, capped at 133 at $260 each.

The other is our Saturday full-package qualifier to the Horse Player World Series at The Orleans (also live format this week). The entry fee here is $117 and winners (one per 25 entries) will receive a $1,500 berth plus four nights’ hotel and another $500 for travel. (Drinks at the Alligator Bar and dinners at The Prime Rib Loft not included.)

At this time of year, NHC qualifiers come in rapid-fire succession, and that’s where HorsePlayers comes in on Saturday.

0120 HP prev

It’s another “regular” NHC qualifier for $165. This, too, is a live-format game this weekend.

Contest races for this, and all of the Saturday afternoon featured tourneys at HorseTourneys and HorsePlayers are the 7th, 8th and 10th from Gulfstream; the 7th and 8th from Laurel; the 8th through 10th from Tampa Bay Downs; and the 4th through 7th at Santa Anita—12 in all, and seven of those 12 races are stakes.

The Sunday bill of fare has many of your old favorites plus a “last chance” at one of the most lucrative onsite tournaments of the year:

0121 prev

With the January 26-27 Pegasus World Cup Betting Championship starting a week from tomorrow, Sunday’s Pegasus qualifier is your last chance to win a $12,500 package ($12,000 bankroll plus $500 for travel) to that inaugural event. Sunday’s direct qualifier carries an entry fee of $480. Or, you can try winning your way in via low-cost feeders for as little as $25. So while the price point is up to you, the timeline is not. It’s this weekend or bust!

The deadlines are a little less tight for those still in need of a seat to the 2018 NHC or HPWS. But there’s not time like the present, and you can win a spot to both of them here on Sunday; and also to the NHC Last Chance Tourney at Treasure Island on February 8.

Cash game aficionados, meanwhile, can play both our up-to-$20,000 Pick & Pray (traditional win/place scoring) and our up-to-$5,000 Exacta tourney. Both will be run as live-format games this weekend.

There’s also a Super Qualifier scheduled for Sunday, and we’re not talking about Patriots-Jaguars or Eagles-Vikings.

0121 HP prev

It’s our NHC Super Qualifier at HorsePlayers with a highly attractive winning ratio of one in just 21. Like being a left-handed pitcher in baseball (or perhaps a catcher who can hit a little), this is your fastest route to the big leagues.

Amid all of these exciting cash games and direct qualifiers, feeders continue this weekend for our big up-to-$100,000 tourney a week from Saturday on Pegasus World Cup Day, January 27.

0127 100K early hump

You can enter directly right now for $695 or you can try to sneak in the side door for as little as $36. However you get in, a first-place prize of up to $40,000 awaits he or she who does best on January 27.

Enjoy the tourneys; enjoy the football; and enjoy the weekend.