Keeneland Grade One Gamble Taken By John Kimove

(Courtesy of Keeneland)

John Kimove of Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada, made a big move in the 9th and final race on Keeneland’s Sunday card, cashing $1,058 Win and $400 Win/Place wagers on Ironclad, and a $420 Exacta 4/8 and $5 trifecta 4/8/9 for total winnings of $17,963 on one race. His total of $19,963 nipped second place finisher Ross Szlasa of Mooresville, NC, who also hit big on the last race to post a total of $17,710.

A record total of 195 players participated in the 10th annual premier live bankroll contest at Keeneland. Contestants paid $3,000 to enter and started with a live bankroll of $2,000. Additionally, John took home $37,000 in prize money, and Ross took down $18,000.

John Kimove

John and Ross join 3rd through 6th place finishers Chris Podratz, Gary Wright, James Metzger, and Timothy Yohler in winning fully-paid berths to the 2018 Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge and fully-paid entries to the National Horseplayers Championship to be held in Las Vegas in February 2019.

NHC entries were also awarded to 7th through 10th place, with Gary Machiz, Hugh Bishop, Dave Cichy, and Blaise Brucato punching their early tickets to Vegas. The 10th and final spot bankroll was a hefty $8,640.

On Saturday, Keeneland hosted a $400 Challenge that pulled 284 entries. Christy Moore of Fishers, IN (and the fiancé of Grade One qualifier Timothy Yohler) won the contest by nailing a huge $3 trifecta in Saturday’s 5th race, and finished well clear of the field with over $4,700 from an initial bankroll of $250. Christy won a fully-paid berth to the BCBC, and the 2nd through 6th place finishers, Kevin Willett, Ed Deicke, Paul Shurman, Julie Loboyko, and Ken Kasowicz, won NHC spots plus prize money.

Full standings are available here; top fifteen in the Grade One Gamble, with bankroll and prize money, are as follows:


Standing Bankroll Prize Money
1. John Kimove Bankroll: $19,963, Prize money: $37,000

2. Ross Szlasa $17,710, $18,000

3. Chris Podratz $16,526, $10,000
4. Gary Wright $12,995. $5,000
5. James Metzger $12,220, $3,000
6. Timothy Yohler $12,140, $1,500
7. Gary Machiz $10,065, $1,500
8. Hugh Bishop $9,775, $1,500
9. Dave Cichy $9,263, $1,500
10. Blaise Brucato $8,640, $1,500
11. Lawrence Kahlden $8,555, $1,500
12. Mitch Schuman $7,440, $1,500
13. Jonathon Kinchen $6,775, $1,500
14. Ken McMahan $6,674, $1,500
15. Vic Stauffer $6,200, $1,500