Looking for NHC Online Qualifiers in October? Look to HorseTourneys!

As we get closer to the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge (BCBC) on November 2-3, HorsePlayers will be devoted exclusively to BCBC qualifiers and feeders during the month of October. But that doesn’t mean that NHC fans will be out of action.

Those looking to play in online qualifiers for the 2019 National Horseplayers Championship (NHC) need only set their sights on HorseTourneys–because that’s where all the October NHC qualifiers and feeders will be held…and in numbers each weekend every bit as strong as usual.

This coming weekend (Friday through Sunday), for example, there will be an NHC qualifier offered each day at HorseTourneys–and at a variety of price points: $75 on Friday, $240 on Saturday; and $165 on Sunday. There will also be plenty of feeders on HorseTourneys leading up to those direct qualifiers.

Come January, the tables will be turned and HorsePlayers will exclusively offer NHC qualifiers for about a month…but where October is concerned, if you’re looking to get your ticket punched to Vegas (or to add a second entry…or to boost your NHC Tour score), lock it in on HorseTourneys. Your favorite NHC competitions will be there all month long.