New Rules Starting Today for Survivor Jackpot Games

Effective Thursday, January 3, new payout rules are in place for our Survivor Jackpot games, which are available each week, Wednesdays through Sundays.

Each Survivor Jackpot game will now pay 75 percent of the tournament’s net pool to the day’s winner(s) rather than 100 percent.

What about the other 25 percent?

If a given day’s jackpot is not hit (i.e. no one correctly selects a win, place or show finisher in each race of the contest), then the remaining 25 percent of the day’s net pool will carry over to the next Survivor Jackpot game’s carryover pool.

If the jackpot does get hit, then the 25 percent that would otherwise have been carried over is paid to that day’s Jackpot winner or winners, and the Jackpot pool will reset the next day to $100.

Again, this change begins immediately…as of Thursday, January 3. We thank you Survivor players for your support of these tourneys, and we hope you find the new format even more enjoyable.