A Plethora of Breeders’ Cup Tourneys Highlights the Weekend Slate

We’re delighted that Breeders’ Cup contests are back on the HorseTourneys betting board in 2019. Whether your’e interested in the full cards each day at Santa Anita, just the Breeders’ Cup races or just the last several races each day, there will be tourneys that fit your preferences, your format and your budget. Before we dive in to it all, though, we want to give you a special heads up about a couple of very important things going on today…Thursday.

Thursday is your very last chance to qualify for Friday’s Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge. (Talk about trying to squeak in the door at the last minute!)

It’s a Low Ratio qualifier for $500 with 10 contest races from Gulfstream Park West (7-8), Laurel (9-10) and Santa Anita (3-8). Closing time is 4:10 pm ET today. And you can win your way into it for just $56 via a last minute feeder at 12:25 pm ET. The feeder uses the first three races from the Halloween cards at Gulfstream Park West and Laurel.

If you win it, you’ll be the last person on the plane before the door closes, but we promise you’ll be tied for first at the BCBC when play begins on Friday!

There’s one tourney at HorsePlayers on Breeders’ Cup Friday.

It’s a $75 NHC Pick & Pray with two spots guaranteed. Contest races are the full card (races 1-10) from Santa Anita. In fact, those will be the contest races for all of the Friday featured tourneys.

Now we need to quickly jump back to Thursday for a moment to tell you something important about something going on tonight.

Because we are using the full card at Santa Anita on Friday…and because those races begin at 1:45 pm ET, it means we won’t have enough time to run quick, early-bird feeders on Friday afternoon. So what are we going to do? Run quick, early-bird feeders for those big Friday tourneys on Thursday night!

The races you’ll want to key in on this evening are the 4th through 6th at Charles Town and the 6th through 8th at Penn National. You can earn your way into Friday’s $20,000 Guaranteed tourney and/or Friday’s two-day, $25,000 Guaranteed Breeders’ Cup-only (14 BC races) event for a fraction of the game-day cost.

Here’s what the top events on our Friday Breeders’ Cup lineup look like:

There’s the $20,000 Guaranteed tourney. The $25,000 Guaranteed, two-day, Breeders’ Cup-only game. An up-to-$5,000 Exacta tourney. And qualifiers to the Horse Player World Series and Flo-Cal Faceoff. Plus feeders to the following day’s (Saturday’s) $75,000 Guaranteed tourney.

And because Saturday’s featured tourneys will use the full card (races 1-12) from Santa Anita…and because those races begin at 1:05 pm ET, The “Last Minute” feeders for Saturday will once again take place the night before…on Friday.

Meanwhile, here’s just some of what the robust Saturday featured schedule will include:

Saturday’s star is the $75,000 Guaranteed cash game with an entry fee of $495. Also on tap during the second and final day of the Breeders’ Cup is a $210 NHC qualifier with two seats guaranteed, other cash games including a $1,000 Guaranteed Exacta tourney, and qualifiers to the Horse Player World Series (full package) and the Flo-Cal Faceoff.

We do urge you to go to our home page and review the full menu of games set for Friday and Saturday. There’s a lot of them! You’d be hard-pressed to find something that doesn’t hit you between the eyes. Feeders, head-to-heads, winner-take-all games, “Every 2 entry” games, tourneys on the first six races, tourneys on the last six races…they’re all there!

On to Sunday. And I know I’ve said this before but…this day really shouldn’t be an afterthought for you.

A lot of people on Sunday are tired. Or traveling. Or both. If you want to catch your competition napping (literally, perhaps) the day after the Breeders’ Cup is always a great day to do so. And I believe that you get an extra hour of sleep that night to prepare for it, right?

Among the featured Sunday offerings is a Last Chance qualifier to next weekend’s Del Mar Fall Challenge, Qualifiers to the HPWS, the Flo-Cal Faceoff, Lone Star and Hawthorne. Plus a $10,000 Guaranteed cash tourney, a $1,000 Gtd. Exacta game and an $8 Pick Six Jackpot tourney. (The Jackpot currently still sits at $3,241 since last week’s game was a casualty of the Belmont cancellation.)

Here’s to a happy, fun, winning and safe Breeders’ Cup weekend for all of us…horses included. Good luck!