Now See Here!…Live Video Streaming Coming to HorseTourneys

NOTICE FROM MANAGEMENT: Our debut of Live Video hit a snafu–live traffic produced a technical issue that negatively impacts site performance.  We are endeavoring to solve this problem to bring Live Video back to you as soon a possible.  This may take a few days to rectify.  We apologize for the issue and thank you for your patience. -McKay

HorseTourneys is pleased to announce that live video streaming will be available at HorseTourneys starting on Wednesday, November 27.  HorsePlayers will follow likely the next week.

Through a deal with Roberts Communications, a link to live video feeds will be available at the bottom of the page once you purchase an entry fee for a tourney. Only those tracks that are part of the tourney(s) you are playing in will be available to you for viewing. So, for example, if you are playing a multi-track tourney involving Aqueduct, Laurel and Woodbine, you will be able to view the live feeds of those three tracks that day at HorseTourneys…but not some other track like, say, Golden Gate Fields, which isn’t part of your tourney.

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 12.45.52 PM

Please note that the vast majority of tracks’ video feeds will be available to you (provided that they permit HorseTourneys to use their tracks, of course), but not every single one. So if you occasionally notice that a track’s feed is missing, don’t worry that there is something wrong with your computer. Again, though, you should have quick and easy access to almost all our tracks.

Live video streaming is just the latest innovation and enhancement to the HorseTourneys online platforms. We hope the addition of streaming makes your playing experience more enjoyable. Of course, we are always looking for ways to improve our site, so if there’s something else you think would make your visits here more pleasant, efficient or fun, be sure to let us know!