Wednesday NHC Qualifier to Now Offer Cash Prizes As Well

The NHC qualifier offered each Wednesday at HorseTourneys will now also include cash payouts starting next week (May 20). It is the first time in the history of online, mythical-money tournaments that cash prizes will be available in an NHC qualifying event.

With the introduction of the cash component, the entry fee for the Wednesday NHC qualifier will shift from $75 to $125, and $45 of each entry fee will be allocated to the cash-prize pool until 143 entries have been received. For each entry beyond 143, the entire $125, minus 11.5%, will be directed to the cash-prize pool. Entries are capped at 200.

As was previously the case with Wednesday NHC qualifiers, one NHC seat will be awarded, and no NHC Tour Points will be available. Cash payouts will be made based on HorseTourneys’ customary payout schedule. For a 143-entry qualifier, cash prizes would go to the top 12 finishers.

Starting today, seats to the new Wednesday NHC Cash/Seat qualifiers will be available for $15 via low-cost feeders. These are just a couple of the ones taking place today (Sunday).

NHC seat winners will continue to earn $500 in travel reimbursement and a four-night hotel stay at the NHC venue in addition to their cash prize. As always, players must be a member of the 2020 NHC Tour in order to win a seat to the 2021 event. For information on how to join the NHC Tour, visit