HorseTourneys to Offer Wide Assortment of Cash and Qualifying Tourneys During Both Days of 2020 Breeders’ Cup

Thanks to the kind cooperation of our friends at Breeders’ Cup and Keeneland, HorseTourneys is once again proud to present an array of tourneys focusing on the year’s most exciting two days of racing — the Breeders’ Cup on November 6th and 7th.

That Friday and Saturday is suddenly just two and a half weeks away, so let’s review some of the special events that will be hosted here during the 37th annual Breeders’ Cup.

We have several Friday-only tourneys and several Saturday-only ones as well, but we also have four two-day competitions that cover the 14 Breeders’ Cup championship races over the course of Friday (5) and Saturday (9).

There’s a $40,000 Guaranteed, No Limit cash game with an entry fee of $495, a $118 qualifier to the $150,000 Guaranteed Flo-Cal Faceoff here on January 9-10 and a $50 No Limit Survivor tourney. You can also play in a $1,500 Guaranteed No Limit cash game for just $12. Again, these four competitions will be comprised of the five Breeders’ Cup races on Friday and the nine on Saturday — 14 races in all.

There are seven “Friday only” tourneys on the board (with possibly more to come). Note that these seven games will be decided on the full card of racing at Keeneland on November 6.

Price points here range from $12 to $395, so there should be an exciting and lucrative game to suit nearly any budget. At the high end, there’s a $25,000 Guaranteed, No Limit live-format cash event (entry fee: $395) and a $10,000 Guaranteed No Limit Pick & Pray ($260).

There’s also a $125 Exacta Box tourney with $500 Guaranteed, a $50 No Limit Survivor game (maximum five entries per person) and a $4,000 Guaranteed No Limit Pick & Pray with that friendly price tag of just $12.

Also on tap for Friday: Not one but two $118 Flo-Cal Faceoff qualifiers — one a live-format play-in and the other a Pick & Pray. One of every 15 entrants in each will earn a $1,500 Flo-Cal entry for next January.

Similar to the set-up for the Friday-only competitions, the “Saturday only” Breeders’ Cup tourneys will be contested on the full card of racing at Keeneland on November 7th, including nine Breeders’ Cup championship races. As of press time. we have nine special tourneys lined up for Breeders’ Cup Saturday.

The richest tourney of the weekend is Saturday’s live-format, No Limit, $75,000 Guaranteed event. The entry fee is $495. For $395, you can take part in Saturday’s $40,000 Guaranteed No Limit Pick & Pray.

Continuing down the list of cash tourneys, there’s a $5,000 Guaranteed No Limit Pick & Pray for just $12, a $500 Guaranteed Exacta tourney for $125 and a $100 No Limit Survivor competition.

There are important qualifiers on Saturday as well. Again there will be two Flo-Cal Faceoff qualifiers — one Live, one Pick & Pray.

There will also be a $165 NHC qualifier (Live format) with two NHC seats guaranteed.

And the Pegasus World Cup Betting Championship joins the Breeders’ Cup weekend lineup with a 1-per-20 Saturday qualifier for $384.

As per usual, you can just buy in directly to any of the above tourneys…or you can win your way into them via one of the many low-cost feeders that we’ll be hosting between now and the big Breeders’ Cup weekend.

Thanks again to everyone at Breeders’ Cup and Keeneland for their tremendous support of contest play. We wish them a fabulously successful weekend on November 6th and 7th…and we wish the very same for you as well!