New HorseTourneys Tour to Begin this Friday


You can’t spell “HorseTourneys” without “Tour”, and now we have one.

The new HorseTourneys Tour — or HT Tour, for short — gets started this Friday, July 16th and continues through the end of the calendar year, Here’s how it works:

Our Friday, Saturday and Sunday featured, multi-track cash tourneys will now also be considered Tour events. So will such major HT events as the Spa & Surf Showdown and The BIG One. (Next year, these plus the other Tourney Triple competitions will be part of the 2022 Tour.)

Points will be awarded to the top 10 finishers of each of these tourneys, with the winner getting 10 points, the runner up earning 9 and so on down to the 10th-place finisher, who receives 1 point. If you have two or more entries in the Top 10 of a given event, you are credited with the appropriate bonus points for all such Top 10 finishes.

Those top 10 finishers (and only those top 10 finishers) will also receive fractional bonus points designed to reflect the entry fee of a given tourney plus the number of entrants in it. For example, a 5th-place finisher in a $195 Friday feature that attracts 215 entries would pick up 5 points for the 5th-place finish, plus an extra .195 points (reflecting the entry fee) plus .215 points (reflecting the number of entries…for a total of 5.41 HT Tour points earned that day.

Note that a player’s year-end points total will be comprised of only his or her 10 best scores throughout the Tour year.

In the 2021 HT Tour, there are three different ways to win.

1. Finish in the top 5 of the cumulative HT Tour points standings at the end of the year (12/31/2021).

The standings leader gets $10,000 in cash and earns the title of “2021 HorseTourneys Player of the Year.

The runner-up receives a paid entry into the 2022 edition of The BIG One.

The 3rd-place finisher earns his or her choice of a 2022 entry into the Spa & Surf Showdown or site credit* of $2,500.

The 4th-place finisher gets a choice of a 2022 Players Championship entry or $2,000 in site credit.

The person who comes in 5th picks up a 2022 Flo-Cal Faceoff entry or $1,500 in HorseTourneys credit.

(*-Site credit prizes from the HorseTourneys Tour must be played, rather than withdrawn in cash, and they also cannot be used to purchase entries to on-site events.)

2. Finish in the Top 50 in the year-end standings.

In January 2022, we will host a special, single-day, 15-race tourney offering a total of $25,000 in HorseTourneys site credit (including at least $10,000 in site credit to the winner). The players who finish in the Top 10 of the year-end Tour standings will earn two entries into this special tourney. Those in 11th through 50th places will earn one entry.

3. Win multiple Friday/Saturday/Sunday featured cash tourneys.

Players who win more than one Friday, Saturday or Sunday featured cash tourney (victories must be on the same day…for example, Friday-Friday, Saturday-Saturday, Sunday-Sunday) will receive the following cash bonuses:

Second victory: $500 bonus

Third or more victory: $1,000 cash bonus.

(Example: A player who wins exactly one Friday, one Saturday and one Sunday featured cash tourney during the calendar year would earn no bonuses. However, a player who wins three Friday featured cash tourneys would earn a total of $1,500 in bonuses — $500 for the second such triumph and $1,000 for the third.)

There you have it — more reasons than ever to compete in our weekend featured cash tourneys. We hope you enjoy your Tour. If you have any questions about it, feel free to email our…Tour guide…at