Featured Cash Tourney on Final Saturday of Each Month Now Guaranteed at $50,000

Effective immediately, the purse for the featured cash tourney on the final Saturday of each month will be guaranteed at $50,000—up from $30,000.

Known as the “Month-End Blowout,” these monthly, higher-guarantee contests will serve as that day’s HorseTourneys Tour event. However, despite the increased guarantee, the entry fee for the $50,000-certain games will remain at $350—the same as for the existing $30,000-Guaranteed Saturday games. The first Month-End Blowout will take place on Saturday, March 26.

As with those $30,000-Guaranteed Saturday games, the $50,000 competition’s format will conform to whatever that Saturday’s standard format is. So if the featured tourneys for that final Saturday of the month are mainly Pick & Prays, the $50,000 game will also be a Pick & Pray. If it is a predominantly Live-format day based on our alternating weekly schedule, the $50,000 event will be run in Live format.

The one difference that you’ll want to be aware of regarding the month-end, $50,000 Guaranteed tourneys is that feeders for them will run all month long, not just during the week leading up to Saturday. So $41 feeders to the first $50,000 Guaranteed Month-End Blowout on March 26 are available now.

These richer, end-of-month tourneys are being offered in response to the outstanding support that you have shown to our high-end cash games—and to give all of us a little something extra to be excited about each and every month.

We’ll closely monitor participation in the first few Month-End Blowouts. There’s nothing we would like more than to raise the guarantee for these even higher as the year progresses. Thanks again for what you’ve done to make the Saturday cash games, as well as the HT Tour in general, such a resounding success to date.