Opening Weekend at Saratoga Serves as Backdrop for 24 Featured Events Including New Woodbine King’s Plate Challenge Qualifier

Not only is it opening weekend at the Spa…we’re also currently offering a 12% deposit bonus up until midnight Eastern tonight (Thursday). So what better time to load up your account and enjoy great contest action on top-quality racing?

It’s a Pick & Pray weekend this week, and six of the weekend’s 24 marquee games come your way on Friday.

One each day of the Friday-Saturday-Sunday period, you can compete to win a spot in the $400,000 Guaranteed Spa & Surf Showdown, which serves as the final leg of the 2023 Tourney Triple here at HorseTourneys. The entry fee on Friday (and Saturday and Sunday too) is $147, with one of every 20 entrants landing a $2,500 spot in the all-cash event that calls on contestants to make a mythical $2 win-and-place selection on every race at Saratoga and Del Mar on August 5-6.

You can also take a swing each day at a $1,000 seat in the Haskell Challenge, which is an online-only contest set for July 22 at Xpressbet and 4NJBets. Friday’s Pick & Pray play-in requires an entry fee of $79, and one of every 15 will advance. 

The same price points ($79 entry fee/$1,000 seat) apply to Friday’s qualifier to the Saratoga Challenge. That event takes place on August 12 and can be played either on-track at Saratoga or online at NYRABets.

For cash-game enthusiasts, there’s Friday’s HT Tour competition—our $15,000 Guaranteed, No Limit Pick & Pray. You can get a seat at that cyber table for $190.

At HorsePlayers on Friday, two popular tourneys share center stage.

The always-popular $75 NHC qualifier guarantees two seats to the March 2024 extravaganza. The winning ratio in this Pick & Pray is 1-per-143.

For $500, you can try your luck in a Low Ratio Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge Pick & Pray. The winning ratio in this one comes out to 1-per-23, but at least one $10,000 seat will be awarded even if fewer than 23 sign up.

The 10 featured-tourney races on Friday are the 6th through 8th from Gulfstream; the 6th through 10th at Saratoga; and the 6th and 8th from Monmouth.

All nine of Saturday’s featured tourneys are “set-it-and-forget-it” Pick & Prays.

The richest tourney of the weekend is Saturday’s $30,000 Guaranteed No Limit Pick & Pray. You can play (and later pray) in exchange for $350.

The day’s other cash feature is our $10,000 Guaranteed Big Bucks Pick & Pray, which carries an entry fee of $1,150. Total entries are capped at 20, with the winner earning 70 percent of the net pool, the runner up getting 20 percent, and the third-place contestant grabbing the remaining 10 percent. If we happen to reach the maximum entry count of 20, the total purse will top $20,000.

Saturday is your one opportunity of the week to win a place in the July 29-30 Del Mar Summer Challenge. One of every 20 entrants will snag a hefty $6,500 package ($6,000 entry fee plus $500 travel stipend) for the high-end live-bankroll tournament.

As noted earlier, we’ll have qualifiers on Saturday for the Spa & Surf Showdown, the Haskell Challenge and the Saratoga Challenge The same entry fees and winning ratios in place for Friday apply this day as well.

There are two NHC qualifying opportunities on Saturday—one here and one at HorsePlayers. The one here is a “regular,” $165 Pick & Pray with two spots guaranteed. The winning ratio is 1-per-65.

On Saturday at HorsePlayers, there are Pick & Pray qualifiers to both the NHC and the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge.

Note that the NHC game at HorsePlayers is a special Low Ratio qualifier. A minimum of 10 entries are required in order for this game to “go” with two seats certain. The entry fee is $500.

The Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge test costs $179 to play, and at least one $10,000 entry is guaranteed to be won by some skillful player. The winning ratio is 1-per-65.

The 12 contest races for Saturday will be the 5th through 10th from Saratoga; the 7th and 8th at Delaware Park; and the 7th through 10th from Gulfstream. Closing time is scheduled to be 3:18 pm ET.

Sunday brings you the final nine featured tourneys of the weekend, including a brand new one.

The new kid on the block is a $79 Pick & Pray qualifier to the Woodbine King’s Plate Challenge on August 20. (Yes, that’s the race known for the past 70 years or so as the Queen’s Plate.) One of every 15 entrants, at $79 per entry, gets a $1,000 seat that is playable at either Xpressbet, HPI or 4NJBets.

Sunday is also the day of our weekly guaranteed qualifier to the October 21-22 The BIG One at Laurel Park, which has an all-cash prize pool in 2024. The winner earns a spot in October’s small-field, big-money contest, which will have no more than 57 entries (each playing just one entry. Our qualifier winner also gets hotel, welcome party, track transfers and full food and open-bar amenities at the track…plus $500 for travel. The entry fee is $500, and the runner up gets a $500 consolation refund.

Sunday’s HT Tour battle is our $20,000 Guaranteed Pick & Pray. Entries cost $250 each.

The other Sunday featured cash tourney is our $7,000 Guaranteed Big Bucks game. Note that this game is run in Live format. Payouts go just to the top three finishers on a 70/20/10 basis. A maximum of 20 entries (at $1,150 each) will be accepted—and if we get that many, the purse will top $20,000.

For the third straight day, you can play for a spot in the $400,000 Guaranteed Spa & Surf Showdown, the Haskell Challenge and the Saratoga Challenge. All are Pick & Prays.

At HorsePlayers, Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge and NHC seats are both up for grabs on Sunday.

The BCBC game is a $500 Low-Ratio qualifier. The winning ratio for this Pick & Pray is 1-per-23, and at least one $10,000 seat will definitely be awarded regardless of participation.

The NHC tilt is a $165 Pick & Pray with a winning ratio of 1-per-65 and two seats certain.

Good luck to all HorseTourneys players representing us on Saturday at Delaware Park in the William Moore Classic. And don’t forget about that deposit bonus offer. Time’s running short!